RDFRA Summary of NSR Forum meeting, 30 SEP 15

01 October 2015

On 30 SEP 15, delegates from RDFRA met in DFHQ Newbridge with A COS, FOCNS, and C&A (Mil) to discuss and seek resolutions for current issues within the NSR.  The meeting was a resounding success, and RDFRA were delighted with the firm commitment given to the future of the NSR by A COS and FOCNS A full report on the meeting is currently being prepared, and will be delivered to senior NSR pers in the near future for distribution to all NSR units/pers.  RDFRA were also invited to attend a subsequent NSR Forum meeting in the coming months in order to follow up on the progress of the NSR initiatives agreed to in the 30 SEP 15 meeting.